To search for a specific word or phrase, enter the exact word or phrase. For a more exact result, surround the word with quotes. i.e. “email marketing” to search for articles about Email Marketing.

You may also use Boolean logic to build complex search conditions. To do so, use the following terms:

AND (Boolean AND)
OR (Boolean OR)
NOT (Boolean NOT)

Please Note:- These terms are case-sensitive, and must be in UPPERCASE if used


email AND marketing – this searches for articles containing both email and marketing somewhere in the article.
email NOT marketing – this search would find only articles having the word email, but not the word marketing.
email OR ads NOT marketing – this would find only articles having the word email or ads, excluding records with the word marketing.
email AND ads AND marketing – this would find articles containing all the words.

Wildcard Search:
You can also use wildcard characters to expand your search:
Asterisks (*) substitute for a string of characters of any length
Question marks (?) substitute for a particular character


par* – words beginning with the characters “par”
fl??ss – Words beginning with fl and ending with ss with any two characters in between

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